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Documentation for version 3.6.x

Lynx is a generic FW application available for all siliXcon`s electric motor drivers.

Main Functions

  • Advanced throttle functions :Lynx supports analogue throttle input with some advanced feature such like, electronic clutch, fusion of dynamic brake and throttle and selectable motor control mode used for acceleration

  • Multiple brake inputs : Braking input from an ON/OFF switch, Analog input, throttle release or negative pedaling are available in Lynx and highly modifiable, by parameters

  • Configurable user maps : Up to 9 user maps with 8 editable parameters allow to create settings for specific ride conditions

  • Pedaling Assistant System : Lynx supports cadence and torque pedalling sensors with rich set of parameters for fine tuning

  • External devices : Multiple types of display, output for lights, Master-slave configuration, these are the available external capabilities for Lynx

  • Safety features : The system can check if input values for brake and throttle are in specified range and there is also support for redundant throttle signal input