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Driver state


Next variables are located in the folder /driver.


If any of high-priority limiters is active or, a warning is raised, driver flag status word is non-zero. It means that controller is protecting itself from damage. Driver status word is also non-zero in case of some hardware fault. Each bit of driver status word represents one of situations listed below. Driver status word can be found in /driver/stat.

0OvercurrentCurrent greather than ipeak was detected and a the control topology has been altered to prevent the current from furhter rising.
1UndervoltageBattery voltage is bellow the minimum operating voltage. Motor current is limited to prevent the voltage from further falling. If the voltage falls too low, driver error is raised and motor is stopped.
2OvertempController overtemperature was detected. There are two inputs: If /driver/temp and /driver/ptctemp engaged.
3OvervoltageBattery voltage rised above the maximum operating voltage. Motor current is limited to preven the voltage from further rising. If voltage goes too high, driver error is raised and motor is stopped
4sensorRotor angle sensor problem was detected
5ADC errorAn internal analog circuitry error
6Sync errorAn internal firmware synchronization error, typically caused by the MCU overload.
7SpeedMotor is working over its nominal speed

State speed note

This bit is set when the motor is operating over the nominal speed (the generated voltage crosses the DC-side voltage) and it is not possible to reduce such a state by the controller with flux weakening.

enable [-]

(only VECTOR)

0Mosfets in power stage are in HiZ
1Initialization 1
2Initialization 2
3Motor is driven
4Motor is beeping