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BMS documentation


BMS families are under development and the samples are marked as Functional samples.

Developing a battery pack with siliXcon BMS

  • Create a design concept for your battery pack and provide it to the our support team for verification and suitability assessment.
  • We will provide a BMS sample if the assessment is successful.
  • Assemble and test the functional sample of the battery pack with siliXcon BMS. Repeat the above steps if necessary.
  • Once a production sample is ready, provide us with the sample. Our R&D team verifies the final design and creates a document with specifications and a test report.
  • The serial production begins and the warranty is guaranteed only if the design doesn't change from thereby mentioned specifications.

Since the correct function of the short-circuit protection heavily depends on the wiring and design of the battery pack, siliXcon only guarantees the short-circuit protection after the final battery design is tested in our lab. If you do not provide the battery pack for analysis, siliXcon will not accept warranty claims for the BMS. If the design changes, even if the cell type or wire length inside the battery is changed, the new revision must be tested again in our facility to maintain the warranty.