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General information

Document objective

The purpose of this document is to provide comprehensive technical details, installation guidelines, safety instructions, and commissioning information for the SX motor controller.

Please note that the terms "motor controller" and "inverter" are used interchangeably within this manual.

Document revisions

This revision supersedes all prior versions of this document. siliXcon has diligently strived to ensure the completeness and accuracy of this document at the time of release. As part of our commitment to ongoing product enhancement, please be aware that all the information in this document is subject to modification or correction without advance notice.

Production site

siliXcon s.r.o.
Biskupice 69
76341 Czech Republic


Certified according to ISO 9001:2015

OEM responsibility

siliXcon's controllers are made for controlling motors in electric mobile machines. These controllers are only given to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to integration into their machines and control systems.

OEMs are in charge of thoroughly examining and testing the equipment, choosing the right parts for their systems, and making sure they meet all the performance, durability, safety, and warning requirements for their application. OEMs must look at all aspects of their application, follow rules and standards, and follow the information about the product in the current product catalog and other materials provided by siliXcon or authorized distributors. OEMs are responsible for making sure the controller is only used for its intended purpose and that their machines operate safely all the time.

If siliXcon or authorized distributors suggest parts or systems based on data provided by OEMs, it's up to the OEMs to check if that data works for their needs. This is to remind you that this information doesn't replace the Exclusions and Limitations on Liability in the terms and conditions of sale

Technical support

siliXcon provides support to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) by offering additional information on any topic covered in this document or details about other siliXcon products. End customers and third parties are kindly requested to seek support directly from the OEM.

Email address for technical support:


siliXcon provides this documentation to aid manufacturers in the proper, efficient, and safe utilization of the inverter. Installation, operation, and maintenance of the equipment should be performed by qualified personnel. A qualified individual is someone possessing the necessary technical expertise and a thorough understanding of all safety information and established safety procedures, as well as familiarity with the installation, operation, and maintenance of this equipment, including awareness of potential hazards.

Non-warranty clause

This manual has been thoroughly reviewed in relation to the relevant hardware and software. Despite all efforts to ensure the accuracy of this document, it may be necessary to make revisions or corrections without prior notice. siliXcon assumes no responsibility for any potential damages, injuries, or expenses resulting from these adjustments.

Warranty Claims

OEMs can access comprehensive failure analysis and testing services for the controllers. The address for delivery of warranty goods corresponds to our production site location.

Please note that siliXcon does not offer warranties or service support for controllers not purchased directly from siliXcon. Users who have acquired controllers from sources other than siliXcon are kindly requested to contact the original equipment manufacturer for warranty-related matters, service requests, and spare part needs.

Please reach out to siliXcon prior to returning any product to ensure its efficient processing with a strong emphasis on traceability. siliXcon will issue a Return Authorization (RMA) number for your returns and provide an RMA request form outlining the necessary steps to follow.