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Installation and maintenance


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Periodic maintenance

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Controller removal

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Controller Installation

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Assembly material

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Mounting screwM4 mounting screw, the depth of thread in the mounting surface should be at least 1.5 x Ø mm.4Tightening torque - depends on the material of mounting base and screws
Thermal greaseThermal grease-e.g. Electrolube HTC
Mating signal connector housingSUPERSEAL 1.0 mm 34pos 4-1437290-01
Signal pinscrimp terminals34
Cavity plugcavity plug: 4-1437284-3-
JumperLow profile jumper-e.g. Fischer Elektronik CAB 6 05 GS
Power terminals screwM6x1 - Max depth of the inner thread is 13mm5Tightening torque - 9.7 Nm
Power terminals cable lugsM6 cable lugs 10 - 25 mm25

Start-up and commissioning

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LED status indicator

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