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Product overview

Product description

siliXcon motor controllers are a key component of a system that effectively controls three-phase motors. They are intended to operate with low-voltage DC power sources and are available in various voltage options, providing versatility and flexibility. Due to these features, siliXcon motor controllers are primarily used in battery-powered vehicles that require compact dimensions.Key features of siliXcon motor controllers include:

  1. High power density: Advanced technology and an emphasis on efficient heat dissipation from the most stressed areas allow us to maintain the control unit's dimensions as small as possible.
  2. Modularity: Individual blocks of the control unit are designed as modules that are shared among various controller models and variants. This provides users with a high degree of flexibility, and transitions between models do not pose complications.
  3. High dynamics: An extremely fast control loop for phase currents ensures precise current control and very rapid response to changes in control signals.
  4. Advanced protective features: Thanks to precise control of phase current and temperature control at critical points, the controller is robustly protected against overcurrent and overheating.
  5. VCU (Vehicle Control Unit): Integration of a high-performance microprocessor allows the implementation of vehicle control functions directly into the controller, thus saving installation space and end-application costs.

SX controller

SX motor controller is a compact and robust solution featuring a single signal connector (superseal 1.0). With an impressive capability to deliver up to 280 A rms, this controller is designed to power small e-motorbikes and larger e-scooters. Its M6 power terminals, crafted from brass, ensure minimal power losses. This versatile controller is well-suited for various applications, including automotive, marine, aerospace, and more, with a primary emphasis on high-series production.


1Battery + terminal
2Battery - terminal
3Mounting sourface
4Motor phase terminal
5Product label
6Status LED
7Signal connector - Superseal 1.0
8USB cover / Vent plug

Signal part is connected via the signal connector - 7. Battery is connected to M6 terminals - 1, 2, as well as motor phases - 4. The controller should be installed by placing the mounting sourface - 3 on a flat metal sourface and securing it by four screws. Status LED - 6 indicates error states. USB-C programming connector is under the cover - 8.

Jumpers position

There are also two low profile jumpers under the USB cover. Position of the jumpers and its function is depicted on the picture below.


Product identification label

Each product is equipped with an identification label containing pertinent information.


1Maximum operating voltage
2Country of manufacture
3SN QR code
4Serial number
5Product Name
6Order code

Product variants

< MPNdesc/>

MPN of the standard variant: SX_24kxa1040-A00_00XTG-000BM



Power stagePower featuresConnectivityMotor position sensorLimit voltageCurrent range
24 - Defaultk - LM5008 supplyx - USB, CAN, USARTa - hall, analog (sin-cos)08 - 80 V40 - 400 A
d - LM5017 supplyi - same as x + LINr - resolver10 - 100 V
e - same as d + precharged - digital (SSI,BiSS)
BitInternal HW configurationA00C00800
5Ground connected
6CAN terminator
9Key resistorX
11Fuse between Batt+ and KEYXXX


Signal connector

Power connectors

  • mating connector: M6 cable lug